A group shot.after the Novi­ci­ate Mass of Erika Lemire

From left to right: Fr. Jose Maria, pos­tu­lante Alex Laguaite, Fr. Juan Maria, Sr. Gianna Mara (Erika Lemire), Fr. Lucas Maria, Mother Inés Maria, Fr. Isaac Francis

On the fourth of Abril, Erika Lemire was made a novice tak­ing the reli­gious name Sr. Gianna Mara. You can watch her pray­ing her novice prayer with the fol­low­ing link.

We are a fam­ily of priests, broth­ers and sis­ters ded­i­cated to Christ and His Church, bound by pri­vate vows of obe­di­ence, chastity, poverty and mar­tyr­dom, pray­ing to be healed and formed into a fam­ily by the Divine Fam­ily (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in order to live out in a prophetic man­ner our bap­tismal call­ing to fol­low Jesus Christ and to be his instru­ments of heal­ing for fam­i­lies, includ­ing not only the indi­vid­ual domes­tic fam­ily, but also the broader fam­ily of the Church and of society.

We were founded by Father Philip Scott in 1998 under the aus­pices of Bishop Robert Lynch of the Dio­cese of St. Peters­burg in Tampa, Florida.

We moved to Cha­cla­cayo, Peru on Jan­u­ary 10, 2003 in the Dio­cese of Chosica under Bishop Nor­berto Strottman. Finally, in 2008 we fealt called to go “far­ther in” to the jun­gle  of Peru  where we were invited to serve the Apos­tolic Vic­ari­ate of Puerto Mal­don­ado by the present bishop, Msng. Fran­cisco Gon­za­lez Hernandez.

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