Thank You for your Donation!

We are almost done with the sister´s new house which is safer being far­ther away from the river which almost car­ried them away the other year. We could sure use some finan­cial help with the wáter tower which we are design­ing to also be a bell tower in the future. See the design below.



Fam­ily of Jesus the Healer is a Catholic com­mu­nity that requires dona­tions to func­tion. Please note that the address has changed

Help Healing

Heal­ing & Helping

In the United States please mail dona­tions to:
Fam­ily of Jesus, Healer Inc.
c/o  Maria M. Reichard-Uzdavinis.
P.O. Box 292607
Tampa, FL 33687

Please be patient with our PAYPAL which is not yet func­tional. We are hop­ing to have this ser­vice avail­able as soon as pos­si­ble. Thank you in a spe­cial way for prayer sup­port which we need as much as finan­cial sup­port. May God abun­dantly bless you and your family.

In addi­tion to gen­eral dona­tions, Fam­ily of Jesus the Healer has unex­pected needs that come up.

These needs are spe­cial local needs that can­not be sup­ported by the nor­mal budget.

Spe­cial Local Needs

The local Catholic nurs­ing home here in Puerto Mal­don­ado (really the ¨only¨ nurs­ing home in Puero) is in great need of being ren­o­vated. A clean­ing and paint­ing of walls and ceil­ings is very needed.

The Cathe­dral of Puerto Mal­don­ado is being mod­i­fied to have an ado­ra­tion chapel for the Blessed Sacra­ment. If any­body is inter­ested in help­ing out, please write me, Fr. Isaac at and I will coor­di­nate with you how to contribute.

First Stage has been com­pleted. Thank you for the help. Next year we will begin phase two.


Please send and Email to . This will help us to apply our dona­tions where the donor intends it to go.

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