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Sep­tem­ber 2016 

            Greet­ings to all of you! Here are some updates on our family! 

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First we have the con­struc­cion which is end­ing its first stage for our new water/bell tower. We are wor­ried more about just get­ting it func­tional for water right now. The top part with the bell tower will be for a later date



This is the sis­ters com­pleted house. It may look a lit­tle odd because it is only half the size of the final con­struc­tion. As more sis­ters join we will pro­cede to expand the con­struc­tion. We want to be pru­dent and only build what we need for now. The con­struc­tion how­ever, is designed for and easy con­tin­u­a­tion with­out problems.




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First of all, Thanks to God for hav­ing allowed me again to be part of this unique experience.

The Trip was full of sur­prises from the moment we left Peru.

While I was the only one from the com­mu­nity that par­tic­i­pated, I formed part of the del­e­ga­tion rep­re­sent­ing the Vic­ari­ate of Puerto Mal­don­ado were 8 peo­ple and one of 106 rep­re­sent­ing the Bishop´s Con­fer­ence of Peru.

As soon as we arrived in Europe God had plans for us. Our first stop was Spain, then from Spain we went to Lourdes,France. In the Sanc­tu­ary of Lour­des, the expe­ri­ence was won­der­ful. You can feel the peace and the pres­ence of Our Lady as well as the faith of the many peo­ple that go seek­ing her intercession.

wydp1                 wydp2

After Lour­des we con­tin­ued our jour­ney to Krakow, Poland which took us through sev­eral coun­tries and cities of Europe until our final destination.

When we arrived in Krakow we stayed with two dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies. Our group was divided, the guys with a small fam­ily and the girls with large fam­ily who hosted 10 women pil­grims. The fam­ily where the men stayed is a mid­dle class fam­ily of 5 peo­ple. They treated us like we were part of their fam­ily. There is a cus­tom in Poland that when you are host­ing a guest in your house, you are host­ing Jesús.


The love we felt from every­one was so fealt at a deep level. We were amazed and edified.


Dur­ing our week in Krakow, we had many unique expe­ri­ences that helped us to stregthen our faith and encour­aged us to con­tinue the jour­ney toward heaven fac­ing the many tri­als in every­day life, know­ing that by His grace you are a beloved instru­ment in His hands to help oth­ers to fol­low their jour­ney to heaven as well.

Thanks for your sup­port and prayers

God Bless you all,

Fr. John Mary. F.J





Sr. Mary Therese Evangelizing

By Sr. Mary Therese


I was priv­i­leged and cho­sen by God to be a part of a 6 per­son team to go on a mis­sion trip to var­i­ous towns deep in the jun­gle: Delta, Col­orado, Puerto Car­los, Puerto Luz and San Juan. These and many other towns are smack in the mid­dle of the gold mines. It was an honor and a joy to bring God’s mercy and love to high school stu­dents, some of whom had never expe­ri­enced a retreat.   Don’t get me wrong, this adven­ture had some risk fac­tors to it but when you’re in love with Jesus, it moves you to do some crazy things. One of them is cross­ing the river in a pick-up truck and not a boat! Our dri­ver, Fr. Pablo would pray a Hail Mary and then “go for it”. I must admit it was excit­ing at the same time.



In one town, San Juan, youth kneeled around the altar, some cry­ing, plac­ing their per­sonal notes (that expressed things they were sorry for and things they desired to change), at the feet of Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacra­ment. Also, a young man asked if he could ask in pub­lic for­give­ness of his younger brother whom he had offended in pub­lic. They cried in each other’s arms and so did many who wit­nessed this lov­ing moment.

In another town, Puerto Luz, we expe­ri­enced the oppo­site. The hearts of the youth here were hard­ened, their eyes com­mu­ni­cated hatred and vio­lence but most of all they were filled with pain. Why this dif­fer­ence? I believe part of the answer is what St. Tim­o­thy says: “Money is the root of all evil” (the cap­i­tal sin of Avarice/Greed). The chil­dren with hatred and vio­lence are suf­fer­ing the con­se­quences of their par­ents who work in the gold mines.


Fr. Lucas Maria Lead­ing Chil­dren in Prayer

As we drove through these areas I can only say that the land looked like a “can­cer” had devoured it. This is due to the min­ers throw­ing burnt petro­leum (they use this to extract the gold from the land) and mer­cury into the land and the river; killing it and ren­der­ing it infer­tile.   Spir­i­tu­ally it seemed as the fla­gel­lated and man­gled body of our Lord. These towns have been stripped of all beauty and there is an obvi­ous dis­or­der. It is well known that the major­ity of those who work in the mines have two things on their mind….money and all kinds of sins of the flesh. The fruit of their work is reflected in their chil­dren and in their own faces that are so dis­fig­ured; not because they were phys­i­cally scarred but their fea­tures looked almost “beastly”.

Hav­ing said all that, I also met a woman gold miner that expe­ri­enced a life chang­ing event 25 years ago. (She sur­vived being lost for 5 days in the jun­gle. This is a mir­a­cle in itself). But, for the sake of this arti­cle, my point is that she began to work for God and put her life in order. She had peace, gen­eros­ity and love in her heart and her face resem­bled that. It was not dis­fig­ured as the oth­ers were. She has donated much to the Church and is help­ing Fr. Pablo build a chapel in San Juan. This woman gave me much hope!


Sr. Mary Therese in Front of Chapel under construction

This expe­ri­ence left me pon­der­ing and pray­ing much for these peo­ple and the world. What I saw here hap­pens world­wide…”love of money is the root of all evil”. From this expe­ri­ence I can only guess that one group uses their resources and energy for them­selves and the other, for oth­ers. One lives in peace, joy, gen­eros­ity and love and the other in vio­lence, mis­ery, hatred, destruc­tion etc.

Some of the things I was left pon­der­ing were: why would the Lord put gold in the land, know­ing that it would be the cause of many to fall? Yet work is some­thing nec­es­sary for our own dig­nity and hon­or­able? Why do some work for God and oth­ers for them­selves? Why do some go to Hell and oth­ers to Heaven?

I found my answer in a quote from Jean Pierre de Caus­sade, in his book, Self-Abandonment to Devine Prov­i­dence. In clos­ing I will quote it. But, I also found the answer to these ques­tions from my own per­sonal expe­ri­ence and the expe­ri­ence of those who accept God’s will in all cir­cum­stances… the good, the bad and the ugly and even the evil. When we truly learn to trust Him and stop doubt­ing and accus­ing Him of being “bad” and “evil” and the cause of our mis­ery, we are able to start liv­ing Heaven on earth.

Here’s the quote: “How I wish that I could make them under­stand that just as the good and the bad thief had the same things to do and to suf­fer; so also two per­sons, one of whom is worldly and the other lead­ing an inte­rior and wholly spir­i­tual life have, nei­ther of them, any­thing dif­fer­ent to do or to suf­fer; but that one is sanc­ti­fied and attains eter­nal hap­pi­ness by sub­mis­sion to Your holy will in those very things by which the other is damned because he does them to please him­self, or endures them with reluc­tance and rebel­lion. This proves that it is only the heart that is dif­fer­ent.” Dear chil­dren of God, how is your heart?

Sr. Mary Therese


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