We are the sisters of the religious communityWe are the sis­ters of the reli­gious com­mu­nity, “Fam­ily of Jesus, Healer” (a pri­vate asso­ci­a­tion of the faith­ful), striv­ing to live in imi­ta­tion of Mary of Nazareth, by cre­at­ing and keep­ing a home so to be a cena­cle of grace and prayer and a refuge for others.

We are formed to be spir­i­tual moth­ers for our fam­ily com­mu­nity and espe­cially for the poor. This includes recov­er­ing the dig­nity and inno­cence of wom­an­hood and grow­ing in an authen­tic fem­i­nin­ity through mod­esty, inner heal­ing, and imi­tat­ing Mary’s moth­er­hood par­tic­u­larly through lis­ten­ing and being present to the other.

Our gift to the Church simple duties of everyday family life

Fam­ily life duties

We believe our gift to the Church sim­ple duties of every­day fam­ily life, giv­ing value to the domes­tic and ordi­nary as Mary did for thirty years in Nazareth.

We wish to serve our broth­ers, priests and neigh­bors as Mary would have served and tended to Jesus, the Apos­tles and friends with time and devotion.


For us, this means:

To live a contemplative-active life in imitation of Mary of Nazareth1. Prin­ci­pally to be present to Jesus in the home.
2. To live and grow in rela­tion­ship with one another.
3. To be about the home giv­ing value to the domes­tic ordi­nary life.
4. Accom­pa­ny­ing our neigh­bor (par­tic­u­larly the poor) in what­ever ser­vice they may call us to, in a hid­den and ordi­nary man­ner, just as Mary would have done.

We choose to live a contemplative-active life in imi­ta­tion of Mary of Nazareth .

Com­mu­nity Spir­i­tual Mothers

  • Lis­ten­ing to and being with them in their joy and suffering
  • Tak­ing time to play
  • One on one and group counseling
  • Pro­vid­ing for their com­mon needs

The ordi­nary arts we prac­tice every day at home are of more impor­tance to the soul then there sim­plic­ity might sug­gest. –~St. Thomas More~

The soul of a mother is sim­ple. ~Adri­enne Von Speyer~

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