When God raises up a com­mu­nity, it is for a par­tic­u­lar need in the Church. He gives that com­mu­nity a gift, or charisma, that is to be shared for oth­ers. Read about ours.

A gift, or charism, that is to be shared for others.

Our Charisma is to heal

Our Charisma is to Heal the Fam­ily by restor­ing them to God’s order as reflected in the Holy Family-Jesus, Mary, and Joseph-through coun­sel­ing, prayer, heal­ing prayer, teach­ing and the mass. On earth the Holy Fam­ily most per­fectly reflected the fam­ily love expressed in the Divine Fam­ily of the Trin­ity. In order to min­is­ter to fam­i­lies, our mem­bers strive to become fam­ily for one another.

When speak­ing about the Church and her daily life, John Paul II states:
the Church can and ought to take on a more home­like or fam­ily dimen­sion, devel­op­ing a more human and fra­ter­nal style of rela­tion­ships. [no. 64, Famil­iaris Consortio]

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