Our Way of Life is ... to imitate closely the life of Christ.

Imi­tate closely the life of Christ.

Our Way of Life is  our promises, the self-imposed “restric­tions” that actu­ally free us for our work and spir­i­tual growth.

Our Way of Life is to imi­tate closely the life of Christ. To counter the world’s indul­gence of power, indi­vid­u­al­ity, sen­su­al­ity, com­fort, lux­ury and wealth, we prac­tice aus­ter­ity in our day-to-day life.


Obey­ing God through our supe­ri­ors, our rules and prayer life, helps us to choose His will over ours.


Chastity pre­serves our heart and bod­ies for Christ.


Poverty helps us remem­ber that our true home and trea­sures await us in heaven. Since we serve and live only among the poor­est of the poor, we own noth­ing and use only what we need of the world’s goods.


This dying to our­selves is a blood­less mar­tyr­dom for Christ– an act of faith and love to counter society’s obses­sion with self­ish individualism–and is a life­long strug­gle that causes pain because it requires that we become vul­ner­a­ble and transparent–truly human–so that Christ may shine through us. It also pre­pares us for our “yes” should Christ ask us to die for our faith.

Total Depen­dence on Divine Providence

God is our provider (Mt. 6: 25–33). There­fore, we will not work for mon­e­tary gain, but only for the pur­pose of heal­ing and build­ing up the king­dom of Heaven on earth. Like the poor, we trust in Divine Prov­i­dence for all our needs, includ­ing our health care.

Fidelity to the Pope and Magisterium

Liv­ing Chris­tian­ity faith­fully can only be done in lov­ing union with Christ (Lk10:16;11:23) and His Vicar on earth, the Pope (Mt.16:19) and the Mag­is­terium (Acts15:7), who for 2,000 years (Acts 2:42) have guarded (Mt.18:17,18) and main­tained (Mt.28:18–20) the untainted (1Tim3:15) full­ness of Chris­tian­ity as Jesus promised (Mt 16:18).


Fr. Isaac-Francis Ross

Fr. Isaac-Francis Ross


Once a pos­tu­lant dry­ing his laun­dry in Tampa, Florida, now he is Fr. Isaac-Francis Ross, FJH. in Cha­cla­cayo, Peru.

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