Family News
FOCUS Visit 2018

We have had another great group of university students visit us this year including Fr. Isaac´s niece Alexandria, daughter of his brother Hugh. They accompanied the community to Mavila, Planchón, Alegría and Triunfo speaking in the schools, helping clear land for a volleyball court, and soccer field for the youth, helped carry lumber to create fencing for a families new enterprize to grow peppers to support the family and many other wonderful experiences. They also spoke at the local university.

This was the great effort to clear the soccer field after weedwacking.

 The end result on the last day in Planchón was a fun game of soccer with the local children who were very enthusiastic to have a field to play on.

A nice group shot of the FOCUS 2018 team on our porch with Bella the wonder mutt

FOCUS having an event at the High School of Mavila where Fr. Juan Maria is chaplain.