Family News
Sister Elizabeth becomes a novice and Br. Maximilian makes profession

On October 27th, Brother Maximilian of the Immaculate made his first profession of religious vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity along with the promise to be a martyr if the Lord should ask it of him. Also, Sr. Elizabeth became a novice and has taken the name of Sr. Isabel Mariana de Jesus. Br. Max and Sr. Isabel are shown here with there family members.

Entering into first profession, he also received the full habit of the community.

He was accompanied by his parents Alison and Brad, his grandmother, Mia, and grandfather , Oran, and his brothers; Eric and Jonny and his good friend Gabe from Ghana, Africa. This is his reflection on the experience of professings. . .

"The day Oct. 27th , when I made my first profession of religious vows, I see as truly the most fulfilling day of my life. I am certain that nothing from this earth could have brought me such a deep joy as I felt on the day of first profession. Apart from the excitement of seeing family after over a year, it was a deep joy and consolation for me to offer my life in a deeper more profound way to Him and to surrender ever more to His will. Naturally, there was a great joy in receiving the full habit as well."

Two priests from their home town also came; Fr. Ken and Fr. Kevin.


While they were in Puerto Maldonado, they also accompanied Br. Maximilian with Fr. Lucas to the town of Alegría where the kids were waiting with open arms (and stomachs).


On Monday the 29th they all went to Lake Valencia on a cruise ship with the best of accomidations.

Here we find the seasoned fisherman Br. Maximilian with his brother Erik looking for a strike.

Here below we see Br. Maximilian´s good friend, Gabe, holding up a freshly caught Pirahna, yes, you got it right, Pirahna fish.


And yes, my good friends, we did eat the pirahna fishes that we caught. There was not much meat but it was absolutely delicious.


Sister Elizabeth was received into the novitiate during the same Mass.


She gave her mother the crucifix she had been wearing for the six months of novitiate representing their unity in the sufferings and joys of Jesus Christ. She received the veil and habit of a novice. She was accompanied by her father, Florentino and her mother, Lucila and various friends from town including the dominican sisters and Fr. Verner from the dominican priests.


Here below we see our newly professed Br. Max and our new novice Isabel with our Servant Father Isaac and Servant Mother Agnes.


Here we see a proud grandfather lovingly refered to as Papa sharing his heart of how he has seen Brother Max grow in his vocation during the banquete.

Happy hearts, happy faces, happy tummies!