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Have a MARY Christmas

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I like to write or say to people “Have a MARY Christmas” . I write Mary instead of Merry because Our Lady, Mary knew more than any person in history the meaning and purpose of Christmas. Jesus is the only reason for this season and all of human history points to Jesus for He is the Alpha and the Omega (beginning and the end ) of all creation. He is the why of why’s of all history and every event. Our Lady having said “Fiat” which gave permission to God to fulfill His designs, which are mysterious, through her. The coming of Jesus from all eternity into time; heaven to earth was done in and through Our Lady- her Fiat! So, She shows how God comes to earth- our earth- by saying “Fiat” always to God’s loving plan for each of our lives. His plan is for our true good. Not our temporary or momentary good — that is passing. God alone knows what we truly need and what we truly need is Him. Only He will quench every longing and wipe every tear from our sad lives which are often fiercely tested on this side of eternity. It is comforting to know this is not our final home. 
As Jesus was approaching us more than two thousand years ago he was called “God with us”—Emanuel . The devil, our enemy, whom we have allowed to become the prince of this world, wishes to ever create a false kingdom where the lie is every so accepted. We have allowed this. We are in the middle of one of the greatest battles of history- as St. Join Paul II called it . We must decide daily whom will we serve:  Jesus (the Church and the culture of Life ) who is objective truth personified or Satan and his culture of death which is a lie. Satan is the teacher behind all its propaganda of this present culture (i.e. LGBT ideology, abortion, immorality— a culture of death).  The lines are drawn. We must be steeped in prayer, grace, sacraments and know objective truth. Do we see the signs of the times? Our Lady in Cana gave us the best advice, “Do whatever He tells you.” 
Today in this culture of death, Isaiah 5:20 is fulfilled, “Woe to those who call good evil and evil good…”  This year has been a year rocked by scandal and serious mortal sin made public.  Though I have mourned and cried over this tragedy and the victims and my brother priests in different parts of the world. I am grateful  “what is hidden has come into the light”. God is having the last word. Praise God. Our Lady, the best of Mothers is cleaning house, the household of God, His Church. Let it be! FIAT! The one allowing this is good and the best of Fathers. He wants only our good.
We must stay grounded and our attention fixed on Jesus who is continuing the work that birthed from the Eternal loving Heart of His Father. God is still God. I believe it will get worse. I say this because of Our Lord’s words, “When the Son of man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” This faith, that must become our reason to live on this earth, must be our beginning and our end— is  in Jesus! We will find this no longer in a manger but in each tabernacle in every Catholic Church. There He is. He, the Truth is there. He our peace, our joy, our hope and our salvation is there! In adoration you will discover that no matter what happens and how bad it gets Jesus must be heard saying “ FEAR NOT, I have overcome the world!” I have been kidnapped and almost executed in 2003 and I can tell you, “He is faithful." Period!!!! So I believe our Lady would want us to experience and discover in new and deeper ways that her Son is faithful and is still God! 
How we can not loose sight of this truth? We must rediscover the presence of God in SILENCE. In silence I have discovered that God with us, God always and everywhere with me. The enemy hates silence so he invents every year new ways to create noise in our lives. Rest in Jesus in your heart- your manger. He is there waiting! This humble family called "Family of Jesus" wish all of you a MARY Christmas! May He bring the fullness of life and faith to birth in a new way in our lives, our marriages, our families our Catholic Church. MARY Christmas— Do whatever He tells you!
Fr. Philip