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My Heart Is Broken

Before I begin I would like to make it clear that I am not homophobic and I am not trying to create a witch hunt on men and women who struggle with same sex attraction (SSA) .  When I was in south Tampa at Christ the King, the many of the homosexual community chose me to be the priest to anoint their homosexual partners dying of aids. All of these men died repentant and in the state of grace and all of them died in peace knowing the great mercy of Our Lord Jesus. We are all called (and this is part of solution) whether we are married or celibate, hetero-sexual or homo-sexual orientation, to live out the fullness of the six commandment -  a life of chastity as taught clearly in scripture and Church teaching. My Heart is broken with what the scandals have caused in the Church where we, as Church, have responded in silence and thus leaving so many of the flock feeling alone, confused, angry and left to fend for themselves. I need to ask our brothers and sisters forgiveness from the bottom of my heart for the suffering brought to them by these sins, scandals, covering ups, and bad pasturing. I mourn the pain so many good, faithful Catholics feel at seeing the Church in need of much conversion, and healing. In this time she the needs to give loving and clear teachings concerning this crisis. Did you know that these tragic events were prophesied in approved apparitions such as Our Lady of Akita and La Salette?  She appears to be cleaning house- the ‘house' of the Church. We live in such turbulent times in both the political and cultural realms. I now will give my humble perspective of some of the aspects of this sad, sad situation.   Here are some causes to explain why we are where we are: 

  1. The Sacred Scriptures are clear that all sexual acts out sided of Holy Matrimony are gravely sinful (mortal sins). This means that ‘the marital touch’ is lawful and in accord with God’s plan only in the marriage bond before God. For us Catholics that means it should occur only in a Sacramental Marriage between a man and a woman. All other sexual acts outside of God’s order between a man and a woman are not His will and are sinful. A married man and woman can only express their love with the marital touch with each other. Otherwise, this is known as adultery and prior to marriage this is called fornication. Some scriptures that clearly show that homo-sexual acts are contrary to God’s order and mortal sinful are: Gn. 19:1-29; Rm. 1:24-27;1 For. 6:10; 1 Tim. 1:10.
  1. It is a known fact the Joseph Stalin through such people as Bella Dodds infiltrated the Church last century by populating the seminary system with atheists and homosexual men. In her book  ‘School of Darkness’, Bella Dodds describes in detail how this happened. She converted into the Catholic Church in the 1950’s. We are now sadly suffering the effects of such planned evil infiltration into the ranks of seminaries where priests were formed and who later became priests, bishops and  Cardinals.  I recommend a wonderful homily by Fr. Robert Altier on YOU TUBE on this topic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MMiI_UGUVY).                                                                                 
  2. We live in an age where the family is so attacked that many young men have grown up fatherless. This is often a factor in the development of same sex attraction. A young man grows up starving for dad and his father-hungry heart falls prey to the enemies whiles and lies. He can easily become convinced that his longing for male attention, love and masculine relationship is a sign he is homo-sexual when in fact what his heart and, indeed, all men’s heart’s need is a strong fatherly love and bonding. I have seen this over and over again in my ministry of almost 30 years as I have traveled around the world. I have yet to meet a man with same sex attraction that did not have a deep father wound. On this topic, I recommend a wonderful book on same sex attraction called ‘The Battle for Normality’ by Gerard J.M. Van Den Aardweg, P.H.D. found through Ignatius Press.                                                              
  3. The Church has allowed our flock to be more catechized by the present culture than by clear Catholic teaching on this serious issue which is found clearly in scripture and Church teaching.  We have been mostly silent and have followed the brand of  ‘political correctness’ rather than lovingly pasturing and protecting Our Lord’s  flock with authentic love which must include truth. I have witnessed men and women, who came to me with same sex attraction for counseling, who eventually were brought home to Mother Church through therapy, good solid teaching and even deliverance prayer which helped them break with all types of bondages associated with a homo-sexual lifestyle. This I have also met many therapists and exorcist throughout the world who have seen Our Lords victory over the enemy and how these suffering souls were set free from the bondages of a homo-sexual life style. The Church also offers those with SSA pastoral care through the wonderful ministries of Courage and Encourage groups.

What can we do? I humbly recommend more prayer and fasting. This is good to bring about reparation for the sins of priests and bishops. But the fact is we have all fallen short. Many are tempted to leave the bark of Peter, the Church. I (with God’s grace) choose to remain and follow Jesus who is the founder of the Church. I am praying at mass: “Jesus, if You can change bread into Yourself, then You can change us, wounded priests back into Yourself.”  This prayer has helped me keep my eyes focused on Jesus. This is a time where Our Lord wants to raise up men and women and children to proclaim like never before His goodness. I also recommend more time (maybe an hour a day) before the Blessed Sacrament. I finally recommend a wonderful book called ‘In Sinu Jesu’ (https://www.ignatius.com/In-Sinu-Jesu-P2750.aspx). I had the blessing to meet this very holy priest who is the author. Let us also hold on to Our Lady’s hand. This is her Church and we are her children. I ask you humbly pray for me to remain faithful as I continue in my ministry and many of my retreats are now to priests. Many prayers and blessings! This is the Church of Jesus!!!!

Fr. Philip