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Pido oración por la mi conversión Rita y la de mi esposo Jose Lorenzo. Por la restauración de mi matrimonio, de mi familia. Gracias.
I ask urgent prayers for my mother, I implore the Lord to physically heal her from serious illnesses, to also give her spiritual healing and the ability to forgive all those who have harmed her; the Lord also forgives his sins and gives him peace and serenity. Jesus also heal me and Antony and bless our families. Thank you. Lord you know all the graces we implore and know our pain, please help us.
Please pray that my adult children will come back to the faith they received at Baptism. There has been inter- generational emotional neglect come down through my family and their late fathers family. This has affected all our relationships and currently three of my five children do not talk to me. Jesus, I ask you to heal each one of us.
Fr. Scott, please pray for a healing of my dear friend's son. He is in his late 20s, recently married, a wonderful Christian man, a Catholic devoted to Jesus. His cancer is back.....did not make the 5 yr remission. He is undergoing treatment, but, honestly, needs a cure from Jesus. Please pray. I want him to meet you. You have met me numerous times in Tampa. You brought me back to Jesus.h8
Agradezco su oración por nuestro matrimonio, somos servidores del Señor, por la sanacion intergeneracional y por nuestros hijos.
Les pido de todo corazón oración especial por mi salud física y espiritual.Fisicamente los doctores no encuentran el porqué tengo tanta fatiga, cansancio, mareos. Espiritualmente me siento muy triste. Desafortunadamente no me enteré a tiempo que tuvimos en Seattle al Fr.Philip. Muchísimas gracias .
Lorena Ruiz Corzo
Por la sanacion de mi hija Daniela. La unidad de mi familia. Por mi hija MF y sus necesidades y por la conversion de mi esposo Victor. Por todos los matrimonios en crisis.
Alma Gonzalez
I ask you to pray for me and my mother, I ask the Lord for our physical healing and the solution to the serious problems I have in the office. May the Lord enlighten you so that prayer becomes effective for the solution to our problems. Please we are in serious physical and psychological distress. Help us. Thank you. liberation from the harassment of satan
Por favor pido oracion por mi hogar para que dios nos de perseverancia en la fe y podamos salir con bien de los fuertes vientos que estan soplando para destruirnos como familia.
Please pray for a young woman named Sofie Van de Ven and her family (especially her parents, Karen and Arno, and her brothers, Max and Emil), for their conversion, the healing of the family, and the reconciliation of their entire family to Jesus Christ and his Church.
Michael Saltis
Please pray for the conversion of my friend Collin Vogt, who has long since rejected Catholicism in favor of Buddhism, and who is living in a state of mortal sin brought about by enslavement to the sins of the flesh. If there are demons relishing in his lifestyle, please pray that they be banished and their influence destroyed.
Michael Saltis
Please pray for my grandmother, Doreen Saltis, who is very likely near the end of her earthly life and still outside of the Catholic Church.
Michael Saltis
Please pray for the conversion of my beloved sisters Mia Luisa Saltis and Katarina Marie Saltis, both of whom have become spiritual orphans by rejecting the teachings of the Church.
Please pray for our 17 year old son who is suffering with severe depression, to the point of barely functioning most days. He is seeing a Christian counselor, but has actually been getting worse since starting counseling about 5 weeks ago. He is feeling hopeless and helpless and really needs some relief and hope. Thank you so much.
Please praying for my Spinal Cord Surgery on Mar.29, 2019 that OUR LORD WILL. BE MY SURGEON N HEAL ME.
Delia Alaniz
Please pray for my family that is broken. Anne and Kim, Daniel, and myself
Buen día: Les agradezco me indiquen como adquirir el libro que escribió el padre Felipe Scott; sobre el tema de heridas emocionales. Dios los bendiga
Por mis hijos y el mundo entero, por el corazon del padre de mis hijos, por el corazon de mis hijos y el mio. Por mi esposo.
Pido por sanación y restauración completa de mi útero y el don de ser madre, bajo la voluntad de Dios.
Luz Stella Forero
Pido de su oracion por la sanacion interior de mi hija Destiny hernandez y Daniela Hernandez.
Carmen salaiss
Jonathan Carr
For success in ministry
Jonathan Carr
Please pray for my family. We are in the process of an ugly divorce. My daughters have come forward with memories of their father sexually abusing them. My 18 year old is struggling. He has talked about a calling to the priesthood since he was young but is now confused and hurt and his heart is becoming hard. Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them very much.
El restablecimiento de la comunión y relación con Dios, dejando la depresión a los pies del altar de Maria y poder entrar a su corazón inmaculado
Rene Nunez
I was told by our doctor that Fr. Philip Scott has been given the Spirit for healing those with schizophrenia. Our son, Casey Morris, is suffering with schizoaffective disorder. We have reason to believe that it may be cause by Lyme. Our entire family has recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease. We need his prayers. Please ask him to pray for us. Please pray for our healing through Mary to Jesus to the Father in union with the Holy Spirit. Thank you.
Jeff Morris
Hermanos, pido oración por mi salud, tengo problemas en la columna vertebral y pido al Señor que me muestre el camino para seguirlo. Pido por favor, oración por la conversión de mi familia. Dios les bendiga!
Patricia Soledad Lucero
buenas tardes soy misionera tengo un problema familiar le pido que oren por mi y mi familia y tambien por mi familia de religiosa
maria lizbeth misionera guadalupana
Les pido que oren por mi vocación, me encuentro en un proceso de discernimiento, asi como tambien por mi salud espiritual.Muchas gracias
Josué Eduardo Núñez Aguilar
Please pray for my annul­ment process that it may bring heal­ing for the par­ties involved. Please also pray for my fiancé Chris­tipher Flegg’s con­ver­sion to the catholic faith. Please also pray for the holi­ness of my four chil­dren, Gabriel, Ella, Lizzie and George, to become true dis­ci­ples of Christ, liv­ing saints in this world. Please also pray that I become a very holy mother and wife. Please also pray for the con­ver­sion of my father Welling­ton and my sib­lings Pedro, Fer­nando and Rita. Please pray for the heal­ing and con­ver­sion of my ex-mother in law Clara and her chil­dren Bruno and Sil­via and for the con­ver­sion of Julian who is Silvia’s athe­ist hus­band. Please pray for Laura Warner who is homo­sex­ual to con­vert and live chastely. Thank you.

Dear Maria,
There are many souls you men­tion who are tied up in the knots of the enemy. The devo­tion to Mary untier of knots is very appro­pri­ate. The image of Mary (desa­tanudos) is beau­ti­ful show­ing her patiently unty­ing a long chord of knots. I lift of all of your requests to her and I will also do so tomorrow in the Mass

Please pray for me and my fam­ily. My hus­band and I are sep­a­rated. Thank you.
Monica Renaud

Ok Mon­ica. I will lift up your request at Mass tomorrow. May the Lord bless you and all your strug­gles. Shalom,


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